We all know that moving isn’t a job that requires a college degree, but that doesn’t mean that it is easy. Actually there are so many things to consider when moving, that you can argue a professional mover is much more knowledgeable of certain things than a college graduate. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve studied physics if you can’t figure out how to move a large piece of furniture. And because people rarely consider the possible scenarios a move can go, they get injured in the process. This is why moving is better left to professionals, which is why we offer our services. But if you still want to do it on your own, then follow our guidelines on how to avoid injuries while moving your stuff.

Light-to-medium weight boxes probably won’t be a problem. However, they can still present an issue if they are carried for longer. Pain in your fingers is something you should be aware of. Have you ever noticed that you fingers hurt if you carry groceries too much? Same thing can happen here, especially if there is no comfortable way to hold a box. Take rests. Stretch your fingers. Also be aware of doors slamming and dropping boxes. Things can go dark pretty quickly if you slam a door shut and it catches your finger. Similar thing can happen to your toes and actually even if you drop a light item on them, it can still hurt, so be really aware of where you place your feet.

And then there come heavy boxes. This is where most of the people get hurt. And the injuries are no minor problem for sure. Strained muscles are bad, but you can actually injure your back a whole lot worse. Always be mindful that you may not be able to carry a box by yourself. And a general tip is to always keep your back straight. If you have to lift something up, use the strength of your feet and not the strength of your back. It is better to ask for help then to worry about medical bills. Swallow that pride of yours if it is a problem and just ask a person to give you a hand.

As always drink water. Because the activity requires a lot of effort and energy, it is very easy to get dehydrated. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, you should always keep a bottle of water by your side. Make sure that you stay hydrated as sweating while moving things around is going to cost you otherwise.

So remember – your fingers (and toes), your muscles and your back. These are the three things you have to look after. Don’t strain yourself unnecessarily and we will still advise you to go with the help of professional movers. This job exists for a reason.