If you aren’t that familiar with moving, you may find the entire process quite difficult. Even if you have moved a couple of times, you probably don’t feel comfortable moving on your own and figuring out everything. Just so you know, you can always call for help from us. Our services are extensive and will cover anything from furniture disassembly and packing to complete moving. However, if you approach moving more or less alone, you may find certain things quite hard to achieve. And mistakes are sure to happen. We have some common mistakes here, and figure out for yourself which ones you’ve made in the past and try to avoid them right now.

To start we have to say that people’s most hated part of moving is actually packing. Heck, we even have to pack some things if we try to clean up a room or renovate it. It is such a bore and it is so tiresome that people feel straight depressed when they have to deal with it. And here goes the first mistake: because you want to get it done as quickly as possible, you just don’t take time sorting things. You cram everything somewhere and hope for the best once you start unpacking. But you can actually make the whole process easier. Even before you pack, you can try to figure out what is going where. Like all cupboard items go into a box that hold only items from that cupboard. This can help the unpacking process later and will actually make the packing feel more structured and to the point.

But then it can lead to another problem that people don’t even think about that often – putting too many items into a single large box. Have you actually done it? Maybe you have. Imagine you have a big box and you think “Yes, this will fit everything”, well, cool, but will you be able to lift it? Can you lift a truckload of items? Can you lift a pickup truckload for that matter? You can’t even lift a carload of items (pun intended). So if you have heavy stuff, spread it evenly, maybe in much smaller boxes than normal. It isn’t worth it hurting yourself in the process of moving. So just don’t.

And the last mistake is to NOT think about packing fragile items properly. Some people think that newspapers and towels somehow are enough to keep your breakable items safe. Let’s say it right away – it isn’t. Or it may be, but you probably won’t do it properly anyways and you’d need a lot more towels than you think. So if something seems fragile enough, set it aside to figure out how to move it. A small tip – all your plates should be placed vertically, rather than horizontally. This will keep them from breaking or at least it will reduce the chances.

We hope these tips really help you get on with packing and moving.