Life is interesting. You can live in a small house and find it perfect for you, but you can also live in a big place and think it isn’t enough. However, there comes a point where having a big house becomes more of a burden than it is a representation of freedom. And you may just be at that point where you have decided to size your house down and move to a place, which will suit you best. We are here to help you through the entire process, so don’t forget to give us a call if you need us. But here we have some tips on how to actually trim your stuff so you’d only move what is necessary and required. Thus you will be free of clutter and items you won’t ever use.

One thing you can do in the beginning is to just throw out or give away all of the items, which you obviously don’t need or want. Go through the bookshelves and look for books you won’t ever read again, magazines you’ve collected, which you won’t even go through. You can even try selling them at a garage sale or by using online platforms. Many people have been quite successful doing that and they save up a bit for the move as well. Whatever you can’t sell – give away, whatever you can’t give away – throw out. You shouldn’t feel bad for that 15-year-old computer in the attic, nor for that umbrella you love, but which has been broken for years. So go ahead and get rid of the items you don’t have any use of.

After you have taken care of the items you no longer need, you can start thinking about how big apartment or house you actually want. Maybe you want a smaller place, but you still have a lot of stuff. One option may be to consider parting with stuff that actually have value, but you won’t be able to take with you. Maybe you don’t need the big sofa from 20 years ago and you can actually leave behind that wardrobe, because a smaller one can do the job. Utilizing similar tricks can actually help you trim down all of your items and you will be able to deal with moving head on.

Don’t go looking for excuses to not do the move, which you actually need and want. Don’t forget to give us a call If you need help through the process of moving!