It is considered a given that bookshelves should only be placed in the living room or if you have a large enough house to have a private space for them – your home library. However, we think that it is really nice and convenient to utilize a bit of the space in the kitchen, for example, and place a small bookcase or bookshelf there. Usually they’d house all of your cooking books, magazines and other more casual reads, which are perfect for the time we are waiting for the dinner to be done. However, arranging furniture and moving it around can be difficult for a single person or even a couple of people, so if you need help, we can always lend a hand. Take a look at our services and gives a call. But let’s get to our ideas to improve the design of your kitchen.

There is always an option

Not all people have large kitchens with huge dining tables and countertops, where they can prepare whatever meal they’d like. But you can always find a bit of space for a shelf or two, where you can put some of your books. Many kitchens don’t utilize the upper parts of most walls. You can always install a small shelve there and even add a picture beneath it to underline the design choice.

Others prefer to make their books a part of their kitchen interior as a whole, by putting them next to plates, bowls, cups and so on. It is an interesting choice for those of you who don’t mind a bit of a different design and aren’t afraid of damaging their books.

Under the countertop

How big is your countertop? Whatever the case, there is usually some space beneath it. Most of us would probably fill it with kitchen appliances and utilities, but some have chosen a different approach. Using the space beneath the countertop for arranging your books and spices (as shown on the picture) really adds a unique feel to the place.

For those who are bold

The last idea we have for you is probably not the easiest to implement and is for those of you, who are not afraid to take bold designer choices and turn their kitchen into a truly unique place, which is no longer defined by its function, but rather by what you make of it. Moving your whole library to the kitchen is what we are actually talking about.

If your kitchen is a dining room as well, it may serve as a nice conversation piece for people you invite in your home. They will not only see the interesting choice you’ve made but also the books you enjoy, making this whole thing kind of tempting to try it yourself.