One of the most exciting things when you move to a new home, which is not furnished, is to actually choose the furniture yourself. However, this can take some time and we can often face some difficult choices. Many times a person likes a piece of furniture, but it just doesn鈥檛 go well with the overall design of their new home.

So what can you do? We have some tips on how to pick the right furniture for your place so that you will be content and satisfied with your decision. If you need help with moving or you need a rearrangement of furniture, you can always count on the services of the movers Chicago has for you.

The first step in the process of picking the perfect piece of furniture (or a whole set) for your place is to actually decide what you are going for. Take a look around your place, think about what colors will be a good match to it and make a list of all the options. Also think about what the overall feel of your home is? Does it look modern, with metallic accents? Does it look a cozier, with many wooden accents? Consider these variations and put them on a list. In the end you will have a general guideline for the furniture that is right for your places. However, you shouldn鈥檛 be afraid to experiment a little bit and have a piece that stands out, and presents itself in a unique fashion (like an interesting dining table or a couple of modernistic armchairs).


After you have your guideline, you can safely go out and look at different pieces of furniture. You can also look around things that don鈥檛 usually fit your guideline, but may still be a nice addition if arranged properly. This is where the second step comes in. It is more optional, as it relies more on the furniture you already have. If you don鈥檛 have any furniture, then you don鈥檛 need to worry, but if you do, you have to consider how the new and old furniture will fit together. It isn鈥檛 nice when there is too much contrast or the styles are completely off.

And whatever style and color you like, the most important thing you have to look at is functionality, which you would actually need. Do you often invite guests or do you want to invite them? Consider a convertible sofa then. Do you have small kids or pets? Then think about tapestry that won鈥檛 get dirty easily, or is at least easy to clean. White furniture would then be out of the question.

As a general rule when shopping, you should never rush anything. Go to different stores, look things up online, compare prices. Sure, if something just catches your eye and you know it is the right fit, go ahead and buy it. But otherwise, don鈥檛 act hastily and you will be happy with your decisions.