For some of us moving is fun, for others it is too much of a chore, but whether we enjoy it or not, we still have to deal with the occasional process of moving from one place to another. It is no wonder, however, that people are not aware of how much things moving has to it that you need to consider. Surely you’ve done some of them, but others you’ve missed.


Today we will have a look at the different kinds of moving boxes that will actually make your moving a lot easier and safe, both for yourself and your belongings. Professionals use them every day and why shouldn’t you? From the kitchen to your bedroom, there is a box for everything. Be sure to follow through and if you need help through the process of moving, consider hiring movers Chicago has to offer. If you want to rent some of the boxes or buy moving supplies you can order them here.

  1. A Box and A Wardrobe

Yes, there is such a thing out there, and it is actually pretty useful if you utilize it correctly. It is BIG, indeed, but it comes with a metal bar, on which you can hang your clothes (provided you use hangers). Some would argue it isn’t very efficient because of how big it is and how much space goes unused, but with this “box” you can actually move your clothes very easily, no need to fold them, roll them or anything else – just hang them.

  1. Classified By Size

There are different sizes of regular carton and plastic boxes which you can use for different things. We can start with the small box. It can fit 1.5 cubic feet of items, so it is best suited to for CDs, DVDs, books, small miscellaneous items and so on. People like it, because you can easily stack many such boxes without the risk of really damaging anything in it.

Next is the medium box. This can be used for so many things, you can put whatever you wish here. Smaller kitchen appliances in their respective boxes will fit quite well. It is perfect for anything really, but it works excellently if you want to transport your books, because you can divide them in not-so-heavy portions. Its volume is 3 cubic feet.

The large box comes at 4.5 cubic feet of volume, although we would only advise you to put lighter items here, which usually take a lot of space. Don’t go overboard with heavy stuff, because you wouldn’t be able to lift the box.

The XL (or extra-large) box holds the whopping 6 cubic feet of stuff, and the thing that applies to the large box is again present here. Usually you would need two people to lift it, if you fill it up well. This is really designed for more spacious items

  1. Store Your Posters… Or Other Things

If you have artwork, posters on the walls, frameless pictures or other similar items, you’d probably find the carton tube ideal for such things. Many companies ship their posters in these exact tubes, which can make you certain that they can withstand some roughness.

  1. The Kitchen Has Its Box

If you have always looked for the perfect box to store your expensive china, all the glasses and plates you use every day, why not even an exquisite crystal dinner set, then the dish pack is perfect for you. It is extremely sturdy and you’d have enough room in it to add padding and dividers.

  1. The All-Purpose Plastic Box

For most of your items you can always use a plastic box, which is sturdier and more durable than the usual carton box. Many people actually like plastic boxes for storing items in their closets as they are conveniently stackable and are easier to handle.

  1. Move Your TV Safely

The final box we will mention today is the TV box. Usually the best way to move your flat screen is in its own box, but most of the time you have thrown it away. So we offer the TV box in order to save you the hassle of thinking how to actually move your TV. Alternatively you can use TV crating, which comes in different sizes to fit your TV better.