If you are a romantic by heart and you enjoy Spanish architecture, you have probably always wanted to furnish your home in a more cozy or natural style. The authentic atmosphere of a well-furnished home is surely something that appeals not only to the residents, but to guests as well. We have some tips on how to make your home a bit cozier, warmer even. If you need help with moving furniture around, or you have a whole new place to move into, then consider our services.

If you are lucky enough to live in a house, then don’t miss the chance to turn your garden into a work of art. It adds warmth to the atmosphere of your home even in the harsher conditions of Chicago. The secret to making everything look amazing is to add evergreens. They will withstand cold and warm weather and will look amazing. You can add different kinds of decorations, like pottery or ceramics, but the best-looking ones are usually made of stone.

Of course, your garden cannot go without a place where you can sit and relax, and even read a book, for example. Add a simple wooden table and some chairs (rocking chairs may be tempting, but if your soil is soft, they won’t be a good fit).

If you are up for a remodeling, consider joining the dining room and the kitchen. Some even opt to join the living room with the other two rooms as well. Thus you will have a huge room and your entire house will appear larger. This is not to say that everything should be in the same style – quite the contrary. Spread your imaginations and make the two or three rooms look distinct enough. Pay close attention to the furniture, as it is probably the most important part that will make the joint rooms look different from one another.

And while the aforementioned three rooms can go quite well together, you will still need your personal space. Bedrooms should always be separate and even your home office can have its dedicated room. Of course, the bedroom should be more decorated and a bit more “home-like” than the office, but both would benefit from the use of wooden furniture, preferably made from higher quality materials.

As you have probably already figured, the home color scheme will be brownish, wooden. This shouldn’t limit you to the materials of other things though. You can use floor tiles in the same color, carpets that go well with the atmosphere. Dark red and brownish orange are your safest bets, and while contrast is usually good, here it will be quite bad as it will take away from the uniformity and the “smooth” feel of your home.

We hope these tips will help you turn your home into something you have always dreamed about.