The kitchen isle can sit cozily in your interior redesign plans, but the old dining table around which the whole family gathers is still the preferred way of dining room designs for most households. However, having a separate kitchen and dining room is a bit of an old-fashioned choice and many interior designers agree that it is not that functional either. Take a look at our ideas and if you need some furniture to be moved around or you just want to move to a new place, consider our services.

Our first idea is to join the broad board and the dining table. It is perfect for small rooms and looks pretty nice. Simplistic, yes, but stylish and clean.

While you are using your dining room space for something better, moving your table to the kitchen is always a possibility. However, you can consider a whole another table – preferably a round one, as it adds a bit of a vintage feel to the place and looks gorgeous.

If you are a style enthusiast, then you can opt for a designer table. Pick something unique, with an interesting shape, it may contrast the colors of your kitchen or it can add to them nicely. It may not be suitable for many people, but if you don’t have guests regularly, you will be fine. And to be honest – your home should look good to you, after all you are the one living in it.

An absolutely necessary addition are the comfortable chairs. You can have the best-looking room, but if you can’t sit for more than 5 minutes in these chairs, something is wrong. Pick some chairs that support your back well and don’t promote a bad posture. Comfort is key, but style is important as well.

One other perfect addition to a smaller kitchen is the folding table. It can only be unfolded for when you eat, so that you can use the space of the kitchen to your liking at any other time. But if space is not an issue and you just want to join your dining room and your kitchen, then you should seriously consider adding a box. It looks just amazing, and you can use any kind of a rectangular table. And you can invite many guests without the needs to dig out more chairs.