Have you ever wondered how much space does a person need in order to have a functional, comfortable and cozy home? We want to show you that with the appropriate design in mind you can achieve anything – even if you only have 300sqft to work with. If you feel inspired by our ideas, you can always move to such a home, right? In any case, if you need any kinds of moving services, consider us, H2H Movers for your needs.

The “foldable” studio apartment, which we will show you here, was designed for a competition. It won, of course, but this is not why we will show it to you. It is perfectly organized and although it takes a bit of work and enthusiasm, it is perfectly functional and comfortable.

At first glance the apartment is nothing special. It doesn’t seem unique or creative in any way. It looks more like a standard small room. There isn’t anything more than a sofa, a shelf, a TV. All of this, however, proves that first impressions can lie.

But take a look at this transformation from a small empty room, to a dining room. And it can fit 10 people! Do you wonder where in these 320sqft you can fit such a large table? The answer is pretty simple – the table is designed in such a way, that folded it only takes 1/15 of the space it usually takes.

And believe it or not, this small apartment even has a guest room. How does this happen? The wall is actually movable, it is mounted on rails and when moved, it allows access to 2 bunk beds. It is so perfectly designed, that the smaller part of the room has its own window as well.

Other much needed things are thought of as well. The TV turns into a computer by pulling one of the drawers. It turns into a much functional desk with a bar chair. Interestingly enough, every single thing in the apartment has its own space, but this is obviously necessary in order to fit everything needed. And one more thing that adds to the whole package is that there are solar panels installed outside, and they give power (at least to some extent) to the electronics in the house.

But all of this comes at a really great cost. And we are not saying “great” like a “bargain”, but like really, really great – grand, magnificent, not cheap. The apartment is being sold for $1,000,000! That’s right, a million dollars, which could buy you a much bigger, fancier apartment (or even a house). But it is what is and it will surely find a buyer.