Our lives have many events that define them and many more that don’t. Sadly, we are often unable of understanding which event may prove important and which may be just flying past us, even if it looks pretty essential to who we are. That is why we often neglect that part of life, which may prove quite the important one – relationships. And no, I am not talking about keeping up with your friend and taking care of your family. This is pretty obvious for any responsible person. What I am talking about here is a bit more “innovative” when it comes to our day-to-day lives. Because people are not used to making friend past a certain age.

Psychologists say that the friend we end up with in adulthood are mostly childhood or school friends. Then even our colleagues don’t become that close to us. We may eventually develop quite a lot of acquaintances, but real friends with a strong bond between you and them is somewhat of a mythical occurrence. Why? Because usually none of us take the time to develop friendships, virtually no one trusts new people with personal stuff. It is very rare to have a friend, whom you can trust with your life, whom you’ve met in adulthood.

This whole things seems quite sad, doesn’t it? After all it is funny that we are social creatures, yet we don’t want to really socialize past a certain age. This is not an evolutionary thing. We just grow to be distrustful, irritable, opinionated and so on. All of this is perfectly portrayed by our work life. We hardly have coworkers, who are actually our friends. But we’ve already mentioned that.

So you need to move, right? The whole ordeal with finding a moving company and dealing with moving is one thing. Another thing is that you leave your neighbors. Again, another moment where you ditch people in your life and you probably don’t even care about it, because most of us, truth be told, don’t grow accustomed or close to our neighbors. They are just there and the thing we would love is if we don’t get in one another’s way, maybe say “Hi” when we meet in the hallway or across the street.

But you know what? You are moving now, so try something different for a change. Go and meet your neighbors. But don’t stop there. Make a conscious effort to develop at least some kind of friendship. You don’t need to be friends with all your neighbors, but surely there will be at least one person, whom you may find appeals to you. And if there are seemingly none, go out of your way to find some more about people. In the end everyone has a story to tell, and oftentimes you may find friends in the unlikeliest of people.