For quite some time now, I have had a home workspace. It consists of one large desk, one smaller one and a wall mount with a TV, which acts as a monitor. Not that I work at home, but there are many times when I need to get stuff done at home, either for myself or for my job. My leisure time is also often spent in front or near the computer, so you can guess that this “home office” of sorts is quite the important area of my home. Since I am living by myself, my bedroom and my home office are essentially the same place. To add to that I have a big wardrobe and quite the bookcase. I have many hobbies, among which now is assembling jigsaw puzzles. So I have stacked boxes upon boxes of puzzles, which lay near the stacks of books, manuals, magazines, some figurines and other decorative things.

Because of that arrangement you can probably deduct that things tend to pile up and clutter everything. And you’d be right. Not that I don’t have the rest of my apartment to myself, but I have the mentality that everything I need should be at arm’s reach. So effectively I am living in one room. It didn’t seem too much of a problem, but recently I started noticing some pretty annoying and irritating things. I try to keep my desk clean, but things just find their way on it and stay there for indefinite amounts of time. I have post-it notes laying around, who knows why, gift bags at the side of my computer, several flash drives, a two rubik’s cubes (again a hobby of mine), ever-changing number of pens, constantly increasing number of cards from my girlfriend… To add to that every other surface in the room is again used up. My bookshelves hold not only books, but my electrical trimmer, computer mice, memorabilia and other things as well. Did I mention the guitar hanging on the wall and another one in the corner of the room?

Many people at this point would say that I have a problem with clutter and hoarding, but that is not the case. Most things in my room are necessary. But that doesn’t change the fact that I need to organize stuff around my room. So how do I approach everything? Well, first I find what I don’t need quite as often and put it in another room. I take a careful look at the books and put the ones I don’t like aside. I organize my desk, get rid of the gift bags, store the cards somewhere, I wipe the dust and try to not pile things up again.

For all that I did need some help. Luckily, H2H Movers’ services were able to cover that for me. They will be able to help you get rid of the junk and move stuff around if necessary. In any case, it is better to live in a not-so-suffocating environment after all.