Most people during their life come to a point when they have tons of items and no place to put them. No matter how big your house is, stuff accumulates over time and at one point you are just overwhelmed by everything. You would think that you need more space, but this is statistically not true. More space means we allow ourselves more purchases and in the end we end up cluttered once more.

Oftentimes it is hard to know what and when to throw away. Sometimes we just can’t throw something away, because we feel like we are throwing away the money we spent buying it. And this is a legitimate concern – after all, your hard earned cash should not be taken lightly and handled without respect. No one knows that and feels it better than you.

However, when it comes to productivity and utilizing the space in your home, there are sacrifices to be made. And not only that – even when you free space up, you may feel inclined to fill it up again by putting different things there. Take for example my own experience. I have many bookshelves, but often they are cluttered with things other than books. And they are not bookshelf-related at all. For some reason I had a coffee mug, a shot glass and a box of instruments on different shelves, for seemingly no reason. I also have photos and figurines (even action figures) on the shelves, but they are intended to be there. You get the difference. But when I got rid of the things not meant to be on shelves, after some time other things got there. I got into jigsaw puzzles and now boxes of puzzles are stacked over the books. And it isn’t pretty. Now I have to get rid of them and just keep my hands off putting things where they are not supposed to be put.

But then you may ask yourself – “Why would I want more space if I won’t be using it?” This is also a legitimate concern. After all, “full potential” should mean that you have more space utilized for more items. But there are items that are appropriately placed where they are, and there are things that do not belong on your shelves. There is a difference of course. If something is aesthetically pleasing where it is, there is little need for moving it to another place. But if something is ugly and isn’t properly stored, it needs to go away.

And what happens if you have unnecessary or even broken furniture laying around? We can help you deal with moving stuff around. After all, you don’t have time to deal with everything at once, and that is why there are professional services such as ours.