Many times when you need to move you will find yourself in an interesting place. What should you move and what should you get rid of? What should be considered useless and what should be taken with you? These are in face quite the important questions and you cannot take them lightly. It is best to answer them before you move and not after – not only it will save you money, but it will save you time and irritation.

So don’t way for the last day. Go through your stuff and set everything essential aside. If you can’t tell if something is necessary, leave it for later. Knowing what is essential will help you know the minimum amount of boxes you will need and you will know just how much stuff you need to go through to decide if it is junk or not. This takes a lot of time, you have to know that – two weeks prior to the move you have to start sorting stuff out. It may seem like too much time in advance, but it isn’t, oftentimes it is not even enough.

We’ve mentioned this before, but we will say it again – you have to have a box of items, which you will use immediately on the next day. That can be a set of clothes, toilet paper, toothbrush and paste and everything else you need on the day after the move. Be sure to have such a box set aside, as you won’t be able to unpack everything right after you move.

As for what isn’t necessary – oftentimes we buy a ton of toiletries like shampoo and shower gel. Make use of them before you move. If you know you’ll be moving, just don’t stock up on such things. It is not worth to pay for them being moved.

Also go into your bedroom and make not of everything you haven’t used for a year or so. Everyone has old bed sheets they never use. So why keep them? Maybe they’ve been gifted to you, but you have no use for them, so if you don’t want to throw them away, donate them, and let someone else use them. There are other such things which don’t have any use and you are keeping them just because of sentiments. It is absolutely mindboggling, but that’s the culture we live in, sadly.

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