Moving is oftentimes a tiresome process, and when you have to consider every single aspect of it, it you see why people find it daunting and want to deal with it less and less. It is understandable that you want to find a company which can handle the entire process, but there are still things you have to do yourself – like moving your utilities and arranging every “clerical” detail. For anything directly related to moving, however, you can trust H2H Movers to do it right. Today we will help you with the details surrounding what you have to do prior or immediately after a move.

So think about your utilities. It is important to know when to call companies in order to cancel them or change the location. The very minimum of time should be at least 2 weeks prior to the move, but to be on the safe side – go for a month. It is very possible that you’ve signed a contract that says you have to notify them a month prior, so look around for that, and have in mind that many companies to that. Yes, things would vary between different utilities (as it is easier to move internet and TV), but gas is a whole another matter, for example.
First, get your utility companies to have a final reading of the meter. You would want to know how much you’d have to pay for you final bill. Many people don’t do this and end up having to pay more, because days keep getting added to the bill, even if the family isn’t there. This will save you a lot of trouble and headaches and you will have a document to show if they want to charge you more.

It is also important to notify companies for your change of location. This is important especially for companies who send you invoices to a certain address. Also your subscriptions should be switched, and you’d be surprised how many people forget about such a thing. Don’t forget to change your shipping address for delivery sites who keep your data, because you wouldn’t want a package to be delivered to your old address.

Also think about bill you still haven’t paid. Also it is possible that you have money accumulated that need to be given back to you. Don’t forget about that either. If you’ve rented the place, it is possible that you have deposits accumulated over time – you have to get that back and many landlords will try to “forget” about it, so ask them right away.
Just in case always get phone directories from your old place with you, because you might need to ring in about something. Many things can be checked up online, but the old method of giving someone a call is still present in many places.

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