One of the toughest to orchestrate parts of moving is actually figuring out how to move your pets. While moving a cat or a dog is not that hard, other pets can prove to be a challenge. In order to move them with as little stress as possible, follow the tips in this article.

General tips, which apply to every pet

Talk to a veterinarian. Specialists understand and know what kind of stress is common for different types of animals, including stress on the road. They will offer you advice on how to move them and also many tricks probably coming from experience. If anyone should know something about animals it must be them, right?

Tips for your fish

Make sure that your new home is suited to house your fish. For example, it is beneficial to have 2 aquariums, so you can move them easily. Don’t feed the fish at least 12 hours prior to the move. This is will bring dirt in the aquarium down to a minimum and the fish won’t get poisoned. Use water from the current aquarium for the move as well. Ask in the closest pet shop for more advice on moving fish and search forums as well.

Tips for your birds

It may be a bit hard to overcome stress when it comes to birds. They are more sensitive than other animals, that is why they need special attention. If you take good enough care they might even enjoy the move. You must get food and water for the bird on the move as it is quite possible that they won’t sell the same food in your new neighborhood’s pet shop. The change in food may stress out your feathery friend. If in your new home you’ll be using different cage, then if possible let the bird stay in it for a couple of weeks prior to the move, so that it can get accustomed.

Cats and dogs

Most cats and dogs travel quite easily and dogs quickly get accommodated in a new environment. Cats may need a bit more time, but nothing too special other than that.If you are planning on moving quite further and bring your pets in the car with you may prove difficult, then consider hiring a professional moving company, which can take care of pets.