You have an important step to take – moving to a new place. Whether it’s a newly bought house or just another apartment you’ve rented, the stress and hurry in the last moment may always play a trick on you. That is why you should not forget to write down every task you can think of, so that you can keep track of them constantly. Along with the list of things you need to get done, however, you may also need one with mistakes that you should avoid, as they can make the whole experience of moving pretty much a disaster. Here is a list of such mistakes.

1. You think you are able of making the entire move all by yourself

Quite a big mistake, that will cost you and will bring only headaches. The truth is that even moving to a close neighborhood can turn into a problem organizationally, not to mention what can happen on a longer distance move. There are many problems that may occur – damaging your belongings while moving them, not enough space in the truck, unplanned expenses, etc. That is why you should give yourself enough time to plan everything accordingly and don’t try to do it all by yourself – there are plenty of professionals that can help you and why not H2H Movers? We can do it fast, with quality of service and without it costing a fortune. That way you will minimize the risks of damage, stress and you won’t be tired.

2. You forget about the inevitable “rush hour”

Statistics say that most people move near the end of spring or during summer time – this means that you have to plan things in advance, so that you don’t settle with a mediocre moving company, as most will already be busy with other customers. Choose a company at least 2-3 months before the move.

3. You haven’t estimated the cost of moving

You don’t buy a house or a car before you’ve done your research. The same applies to moving. You do research prior to it. Figure out what the costs are for companies as well as overall expenses that might occur.

4. You didn’t insure your items

It may now seem futile to get an insurance, but you won’t think so if you drop your LED TV bought a couple of months ago. Moving companies usually provide you with insurance included in the price. That is another reason to hire one.

5. You haven’t considered special items

Most moving companies won’t move your valuables – e.g. jewelry – so you will have to take care of these things by yourself and actually we believe you would want to do so anyway. But that means you have to think about carrying them, storing them prior to the move and how to move them safely. Leave some space in the car just in case of such emergencies.

6. You forget about pet

Along with those problems and tasks related to moving, you can easily forget about the needs of your pet. Depending on where you are moving to and what your pet is, you may need to get specific documents and permits, a vet check and vaccines, and you will definitely have to consider how to move it. If it is going to come with you in the car, you have to think about its food and first aid kit in a separate handbag.

7. You forget about the needs of your plants

When you are transporting your plants incorrectly it often happens that they die or get damaged. If you are taking your plants to your new home, take special care of their transport, so you don’t have to throw them away when you get there. If it is too difficult to organize everything about transporting them, just give them to your friends or relatives as a gift.

8. You haven’t cleaned your place

You have things in your home which you haven’t used for years. It so happens that you pay for their packaging, transport, you unpack them and then you are wondering where to put them. But then if you make place for them, they will probably stay there until the next move or remodel. That is why you should plan in advance what to take with you and what to throw out, sell or give away.

9. You haven’t packed a bag of essentials

Don’t forget to pack a bag of things that are essential. Depending on where you are going, how far, if you have kids or not, you may need to pack different essentials. They can include medicine, food, water, wipes, a flashlight, maps, your child’s favorite toy, etc. Think if you will need a refrigerator bag for some things. Also don’t forget about your ID and some cash.

10. You haven’t double-checked your inventory

It is crucial to make a list of your inventory, so that you can check multiple times if you have every item – during packaging, during loading and during unloading. Also it is much easier to find a missing item at the time of moving rather than 2 months later.