I am a college graduate, who by chance and a bit of luck found the perfect job. So I’ve just graduated with Marketing as my major and Psychology minor. Everybody told me that the market is oversaturated with people like me and it is a dead end as a career choice. But what could’ve I done? I actually quite enjoy marketing and I am not like other people who just get into it for the career perspective. So I decided to stick to my major and hope for the best. And well, the best kind of happened.

Exactly one day after I graduated I ran into an old friend of mine. We decided we should grab a coffee together and talk about the ‘olden’ days. How banal, right? Straight out of a movie, one might say. So we went to the nearest café and things snowballed from there. Turns out his father had founded a marketing company a while ago and has been doing quite well recently. So you, as you may expect, they’ve decided to expand and my friend was actually looking for new people to employ in the company and by chance he needed someone just like me – a recent college graduate, with little to no experience. “Why?” you may ask. Well, turns out there is a special program for new interns, or something like that. Frankly, I couldn’t care less. This was the dream, well, this is the dream.

And there I was – right after college, getting into a new job by chance and having to move to a new place. Yes – my new job required me to move. But that’s quite a common thing nowadays. Anyways, I had to move and I didn’t actually know where to start. I took the task head on – my college mentality clicked and I started organizing things, thinking through everything I had to pack and figuring out who to call to help me move. I didn’t want to spend much on moving, as I had been learning the exact opposite as a college student – how to save every dime. I thought luck was on my side as a friend actually said had a small truck that could fit some furniture (and after all I didn’t really have that much – college student, remember?) and I was beyond happy. Sadly, things didn’t go the way I wanted them.

After having organized everything and scheduling a time for that friend to come, I was standing in a room, which felt empty. I had been packing that whole morning and the night before. Everything was in boxes, waiting to be loaded on a truck to go to its new home. And so I stood there, waiting. And waiting. And then, finally… even more waiting.
It turned out that my friend had problem starting his truck. Something had been broken or whatever, I didn’t really care. I had everything packed, was I supposed to unpack? I couldn’t organize transport on such a short notice. So I decided I would have to spend money after all, though it took me a while to resort to that idea. I was looking up prices and services for local moving and was quite surprised to find that I could actually not pay as much. Packing my things by myself actually was a good thing as it dropped the price a bit. Of course, being a strict kind of guy, I had to research the best movers in my area. It took a while, but I believe I’d found the best people I could and everything went smoothly thereafter. I moved into my new place, unpacked, and sorted everything out. That little moving mishap turned out for the best I guess.

Now I am going to work each morning with a smile on my face and I am grateful for the way things are. When will I run out of luck I wonder, you know, to balance things out with the universe. Hope it isn’t any time soon.