When you’re moving home, it’s so easy to get carried away with the excitement of it all. You’re going to a new area, a brand new house and you’re starting afresh – what could go wrong? Unfortunately – a lot.

Moving home can be really difficult, especially if you’re not organising it well, or you’re not prepared for what is going to happen. Even when everything is going smoothly, it’s still a testing experience for most people. No need to panic just yet though, there are plenty of ways you can make your house move go as well as it possibly can, and here’s how:

Do Everything Early

You must do everything as early as possible. The sooner everything is booked and planned and prepared – the better.

● Book your kids into childcare for the dates you are going away – don’t risk your babysitter being on holiday.
● Book your pets into kennels for the dates you are going away – kennels book up quickly in summer.
● Book your removal service as soon as you know your dates. Yes you need to spend some time finding the right one, but do it as quickly as you can, they book up quickly during moving season as well and you don’t want to be left choosing from the scraps left over.
● Make a budget – the sooner you make a budget the sooner you keep tabs on what you’re spending, and the sooner you can have an understanding of home adjustments you can afford.
● Pack, pack, pack! The sooner you start packing the better. This will be less unsettling for the kids and the pets, and it will ensure you aren’t throwing the entire contents of your house into recycling bags the day before the big move.

Get Ready To Be Juggling Lots Of Balls

Unfortunately there are ten million different forms to fill in, several different people to ring, three million boxes to pack, a grumpy partner and potentially a couple of visitors sniffing around your home every day. That’s not to mention the home improvements that need doing, the cleaning that needs doing, the new house that needs carpets, the animals, the kids, the garden…

It’s enough to send anyone loopy, it really is. But is doable, you just need to know you’re going to have to stay focused on the move and nothing else. Don’t book a holiday in the lead up to the move or just after it, and try to keep any work issues or personal issues separate – moving home is a project and you have to be ready to dedicate yourself to it in order to stand any chance of it going smoothly.

It’s Ok To Ask For Help!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help – you’re going to need it. Ask friends, family members and neighbours for help as and when you need it – the least they can say is no. Perhaps you can have a pack the kitchen party with your friends, or do a garage sale with your sister. Remember you need to be offering everything you can to say thank you as well. If you ask for cheap labour without even thinking about offering a cup of coffee and a thank you, you’re unlikely to find anyone helping you out again soon!

Remember, keep calm and carry on it will all work out in the end. Just be patient, persevere and keep smiling – even if it is through gritted teeth!