It’s a hard life being a student. Those that haven’t been one for a long time might have forgotten the upheaval involved with the beginnings of student life. When it comes to the place of study, students will go where the academic winds take them. Unless they are lucky enough to live in the right town or city with the right local university on their doorstep that has the perfect course for them, students have to face the reality that moving to a new area is inevitable and can be hard work.the-benefits-of-being-a-resident-advisor-in-college_16001154_800860030_0_0_14029242_500

The thing with student removals is that often they don’t always require a full-load move or a major haul from A to B as the belongings they take with them are few or in small bundles.

Here is our guide for students planning on hauling their essentials over to their new home away from home…

What should you take?

This is always a really difficult decision when it comes to relocating to a university. After all, you want your home comforts but you don’t want to take the kitchen sink as well – so how do you work out what you’ll need to take with you when you leave for the dizzy heights of Freshers week?college-students-moving

List and pack your essentials

You will most definitely want to take the things that you’ll need. This will of course include what students often feel are essential such as laptops, your TV, possibly a DVD player but also clothes, shoes, toiletries, phone chargers your duvet, sheets and pillows.

However, you won’t want to forget things like your TV Licence (do not under any circumstances move to your new halls of residence without one of these as the fine is gigantic).

You should also remember things like insurance documents, certificates, medical cards, bank statements and possibly your passport.

Home Comforts

As well as the top level essentials, there will be things you won’t want to be without, that remind you of home but that also make your new digs feel just that little bit better.Students-Moving-into-Halls

Halls and even student flat or house shares don’t always have exactly the furniture you’ll want or need, so if you are unsure, take things like lamps, extra pots and pans for cooking, cushions, hot water bottle (just in case the heating goes), some entertainment, your guitar, storage boxes (always useful when you start storing all the notes you’re going to write in lectures) and photos of your loved ones! You will of course add to these possessions over the three or four years of your degree, but for now this will be enough to get started with. Just be sure that you have the essentials set to go.

However many possessions you are carriyng to uni with you, H2H Movers are ready to assist you with the packing, loading and unloading of your belongings.