Moving requires a lot of dedication, planning and preparation. One of the most time consuming tasks when planning a move is packing. There are a million and one demerits to packing. These include the time and energy that packing requires. However, the one advantage that packing for a removal presents is the ability to be able to go through each and every item that you possess and to really think about whether it is indeed needed. The act of de-cluttering has become rare over the years since everyone is leading such busy lifestyles. But you now have the perfect opportunity to do so.

Not packing unwanted items will mean that there will be fewer items to pack, and therefore unpack. It also means that your new home will be left clutter free and you will only have the necessities you require.

There are some main ways in which to dispose your unwanted items and this article will be discussing them.Removals

The easiest option is to throw everything unwanted away. If you are going to dispose of a lot of things, it may be wise to hire a skip in which to throw everything.

Living in a society where everything is constantly focused on being green, you may wish to play your part and recycle. Magazines, newspapers and unwanted letters etc. should be recycled. When going through magazines and newspapers, it is wise to throw away anything which is out dated. If you are sorting out utility bills and bank statements, ensure that you have six months’ worth of these. Anything older than that should be recycled, prior to shredding.

If your items are unwanted but still in great condition, you have the option to gift or donate them. There are many charity shops out there where donations are welcomed openly. Not only will you be getting rid of your unwanted items, but you would also be helping in raising money for your favourite charity.

You can gift certain items to friends, neighbours and members of the family. Thesegifts can include furniture, ornaments, vases etc.unwanted_items

As someone once said, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. With major advances in technology, you can now sell your items with a few clicks here and there. Websites such as Amazon and eBay have made it very easy to sell almost anything and everything. In this scenario, you get to say goodbye to your unwanted items whilst earning a few extra pennies.

But how exactly do you decide if you should keep something or not?

Well the first question to ask yourself is “Do I like this item?” If the answer is no, you know instantly that you have to either gift, donate, sell or throw this item away. If the answer to the question is that you do like, you have a few more things to consider.

Donation box with children toys on blue background close-up

After having determined that you like a particular item, you need to figure out if it is something that you need. If you already have a water kettle that you like and does the job, there is no need to keep another one just because you like it. Thinking logically and rationally is very important during this step.

Planning for a move serves the best opportunity to get rid of unwanted and disliked possessions that may have been hiding in the cupboard under the stairs or the attic. It may be tough detaching yourself from your items, but with logical thinking, it is possible. Not only will it make your next home clutter free, but it’ll also make packing and unpacking easier!

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