Second part of 聽the 10 useful closet storage ideas which will help you organize the cluttered closed you’ve been meaning to tidy up or ages. H2H Movers聽

6. Hang things on the inside of the closet door.

Scarves, shoes, ties or maybe jewellry and acessories.

7. Stack your shoes.

Turn the bottom of your closet into a little shoe condo with multi-story shoe storage. You could also place these on top of a shelf to make the most of your space.

8. For a long, narrow closet with hard-to-reach corners, add exra hanging rods perpendicular to the main one.

9. If you or someone who loves you is extra handy, you could make this DIY organizer for a small closet.

All it takes is about $50 worth of MDF (and a little bit of hard work).

10. For the not handy types… make a closet organizer with聽some tension rods.

source: apartmenttherapy. com

Whether you have plenty of storage space for your belongings, or no space at all, we from H2H Movers will ensure all them are聽loaded transported and unloaded to your new home in an efficient and professional manner!聽