Our list continues with the top 5 most expensive beds the world has to offer …

5) Quantum Sleeper Bed  Price: $160,000

Already in the six-digit territory!

Probably one of the most controversial listings here, this comes with features including lock down, a ventilation system, motion sensors, a toilet and even oxygen sensors.

Basically, it’s the type of bed you buy if you’re buckling down for the end of the world. With all the high-tech features, you can safely secure yourself and your partner inside—and out of harm.

4) Parnian Furniture Bed  Price: $210,000

This bed was hand-carved by Abdolhay Parnian out of wood, stainless steel and gold. It features a swivel TV, iPad holders and secret compartments.

Arguably the most stylish on our list so far, this beautiful creation is suited for the gentleman or the lady that enjoys the finest things in life. All you need to get your hands on it is a trip to the bank!

Most Expensive Beds In The World: #4 Parnian Furniture Bed ~ Price: $210,000

3) Jado Steel Style Gold Bed  Price: $676,550

Jado used to be the most expensive bed in the world up until several years ago.

It’s a clear example of opulence and extravagance, and definitely would be the centerpiece of you home.

Made almost entirely of gold and Swarovski crystals, it comes with internet connection, a playstation, a DVD player and surround sound. Good as gold!

Most Expensive Beds In The World: #3 Jado Steel Style Gold Bed ~ Price: $676,550

2) Magnetic Floating Bed  Price: $1.6 million

The second most expensive bed in the world is by far the coolest. Thanks to 1,500 pounds worth of magnets and strong wires that tie the bed to walls, this bed literally floats on air. We couldn’t get snag a sleep test in it, but at the $1.6 million price tag, we’ve been assured it’s as comfortable as they come.

Most Expensive Beds In The World: #2 Magnetic Floating Bed ~ Price: $1.6 million

1) Baldacchino Supreme Bed  Price: $6.3 million

We’re finally here: the Baldacchino Supreme Bed is the most expensive bed in the world, with a staggering price of $6.3 million!

Designed by Stuart Hughes, it is made out of three types of wood: Ash, Cherry and Classy Canopy.

The interior of the bed is made out of more than 200 pounds of pure, 24k gold.

Most Expensive Beds In The World: #1 Baldacchino Supreme Bed ~ Price: $6.3 million

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source: ealuxe.com