Most people spend more than a quarter of their lives in bed—so it’s easy to see why people are willing to drop some serious cash on a nice one.

But some beds take luxury to the next level. Here, we’ve gathered the world’s 10 most expensive beds—masterpieces that combine technology, fashion, art, design and luxury. In this post, part 1, we’ll share numbers 10 through 6.

10) Sphere Bed  Price: $50,000

Time to get this party started: The $50,000 Sphere Bed most definitely is a great starting point!

Designed by Karim Rashid, it features a TV, Champagne holders, mirrors and LED lights.

Despite it’s bulk, it comes in a variety of colors to fit in with any decor.

9) Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed  Price: $50,000

Equal in price to number 10, this bed gets our number nine spot thanks to slightly better ameneties.

It’s equipped with technology that reduces snoring, an iPod slot, internet connection, temperature settings and a video projector.


8) Monarch V-Spring Bed  Price: $50,000

If something has “Monarch” in its name it must be high quality, right? And this one is as soft as they come.

This bed has more than 3,000 springs that give the owner an unmatched cushioned feeling. The mattress is made from high-quality, hand-crafted fabrics.

So, no matter your age or how tired you are,  you’ll be sleeping like a baby!81
7) Cosmovoide Bed  Price: $60,000

Built-in technology makes for a higher price tag!

This bed comes with a phone, DVD player, and a full home theater system, including a TV.

The ’70s style throws us off, but some might find it … groovy!

6) Majesty VI-Spring Bed ~ Price: $84,425

First we had the Monarch, now we have the Majesty—and this one’s twice as nice.

Hand-crafted by Jab Anstoez, with more than 6000 springs, and made from cotton, cashmere and silk it’s like a dream come true for the bedroom. It also features several layers of gold and silver.

No fancy technology here—it’s the quality of sleep that matters, and they focused all their attention on the mattress!







However luxurious or simple your bed is, H2H Movers will make sure it is packed, loaded and transported to your new home safely and in a professional manner!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our 10 Most Expensive Beds feature!