We’re back at our weird furniture countdown …

6. 10,000 Leagues Under the Seat 颅
For the seafarer in the family, this聽black lacquer chai features a giant squid. With tentacles SPREAD across the floor, stories of a life at sea have never seemed more realistic.

67. All Dresser颅-ed Up
For the space-conscious fashionista, this聽hanging chest of drawers shaped like a black cocktail dress is the perfect accessory. Shouldn鈥檛 your clothes look good even when they鈥檙e not on?

7 (1)
8. Rock to Sleep颅
Super fun, very cute and subtle, you can buy over颅sized pillows made to look like rocks. Perfect for any heavy sleeper.

9. Hanging Out 颅
If you have some second story flooring you鈥檙e looking to remove, you can always fill the space with a net hammock. Your dreams of living in a tree house will be one step closer.9

10. Reading Chair颅
And, last but not least, a chair for the avid reader, made from BOOKS. I鈥檇 recommend using ones you鈥檝e already read.

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