Where most of us are just looking for the right fabric and designs to match our home decor, there is an entire world of furniture ranging from bizarre to brilliant to outright bad. If you need a break from looking for your own home furnishings, here is the first of two posts about weird furniture choices.
Would you have them in your home?

1. Fish in the toilet ­
Yup, they make toilets with a fish tank mounted on the back. Complete with filter and air pump, you can enjoy a scene of under water creatures watching you use the facilities.

2. Explosive Decor
There is company that makes a massive, wooden grenade shaped dresser. Whatever outfit comes from these drawers is certain to blow them away.

3. Pound the Table ­

A manufacturer makes end tables with a removable top that doubles as a shield, and the stand becomes a truncheon. Your guests will always know when it’s time to leave.3

4. A Drop of Class ­
For more unique tastes, there is a chair that looks like a drop of milk, frozen it in time. Surprisingly cool, this chair really makes a splash.

5. The Worst Idea Ever ­
It’s a urinal that looks like a human face. We don’t understand why this exists either.5

Weird, huh?
Stay tuned for 5 more of the weirdest furniture choices next week.
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