As moving is stressful for聽anyone in the family, it is especially harsh on teenagers. Filled with hormones and opinions, most teenage kids don’t easily accept the idea of moving.聽Here’s some advice to make the transition a little smoother:

1. Keep Them in the Loop
Make sure to involve your teen in the moving process. The more you let them assist with the moving, the easier they will accept the changes happening around them. You鈥檇 be surprised by the number of parents who wait to tell their kids about an upcoming move for fear of their reaction. So if you鈥檙e actively looking for a new home or a new job that might necessitate a move, talk to your teen. They鈥檒l have a say, and being heard goes a long way.

2. Know Your Audience
What are your teens interests?

If your child loves sports, find the fields and courts in your ne86524740w neighborhood to put their mind at ease.

If they are a movies fan, check if there is a noteworthy cinema or event center聽in the area.

You may have to use your imagination, but if you can foster a connection point between your teen and something in the new neighborhood, your move will be much easier.

3. Friends: New and Old
The most common fear for teens facing a move is that they鈥檒l lose all of their old friends and won鈥檛 make any new ones. Unless this is a major move, you can pretty easily put this issue to rest. Before the move, set a date for your teen to have their friends over after you鈥檝e settled.

This should help your teen realize true friendships are bigger than geography. As for new friends, that will take care of itself.

4. Delegate Responsibilities
Teens crave ownership and structure. On the big moving day, even if you鈥檝e hired professionals like H2H Movers, make sure your teen has their own duties.

Have them pack their room, help with the unloading, and let them take on the challenges and victories alike. The聽professionals from H2H Movers can do it all, but a move is ripe with great life lessons for an adolescent.

5. MemoriesMoving
Last but not least, let your child keep a physical memory of the old house. Let it be their choice, but find a way to preserve whatever it is they choose. Now they鈥檒l always have a way to carry the old home with them.

The teenH2H-logo-page-001age years are complicated, but moving shouldn’t聽have to be.聽Call H2H Movers for a quote today!