Cats grow to know the space they live in and they can get very attached to it. Therefore, moving a cat to a new home is not an easy task. Here, we have gathered 5 rules to help your cat get used to the new home.

Maine Coon kitten in carton box#1: New and Old Things

Relocating is stressful for humans; your聽cat will feel the same tension, and it’s hard to control their聽natural instincts. To make it feel like home again, make sure old things stay the same. The place you keep your cat’s聽toys, the litter box, etc.

Before the big moving day, make sure you bring your cat to your new place and let it explore. Cats love to wander around, so it鈥檚 not a bad thing to let them get a taste, a smell and a whisker rub around聽the new place.

moving-with-pets-31#2: Getting Used to Invaders

What invaders? Boxes!

Every new item in a cat鈥檚 kingdom has to be inspected, sniffed, rubbed and explored. Letting your cat explore your moving boxes for a few聽days before the move is a very good idea.

Don鈥檛 underestimate your pet鈥檚 intellect. Your cat聽already knows something weird is happening.

3#: Make sure your cat is safe and sound while H2H Movers聽works magic

To keep your cat safe, close it off in a room on moving day.聽Make sure聽it has a bowl of food and water, a litter box and a few toys to keep it busy. This will minimize the stress of the situation, and you won鈥檛 have to worry about a possible prison break.

When physically transporting your cat from point A to point B, show tremendous care. Use a spacious, dry crate.

It鈥檚 not advisable to give the cat food, as it might throw up.

#4: At the New Place4013535226_8291eee35e
Lock your cat in its own room during the unloading phase for the same reasons as before.

Letting your cat explore the new place should be done when everything is unpacked and in聽the right place. There is no hassle, there is only happiness and a sense of accomplishment in the air.
#5: Bureaucracy!

Don鈥檛 forget to update the ID tags, if the cat has any.

And be sure to find聽the nearest vet聽in your new location.

Moving with cats doesn鈥檛 have to be traumatizing for your pet. With the right plan and the help of the professionals at H2H Movers, moving will be hassle-free for you and your furry friend.H2H-logo-page-001