Moving can be聽traumatic for everyone involved鈥攊ncluding children.聽Us adults all have reasons to move鈥攚ork relocation, moving to upgrade, better living conditions, etc. However, children don’t have the same perspective on moving as we do. Moving can be聽tough on children, but there are a few good tips聽you can follow to make changing homes less stressful for them.

1. Get Involved
It would be best if you consult with your children prior to deciding to move. Take the kids with you to on house hunts, allow them to have an opinion on the neighborhood, and even pick their room. Make聽it聽a family project.

Even if your child’s suggestions don’t make the cut, at least they will know their opinion matters, and their voice is heard.

2. Trust
Some day-to-day chores and tasks that we might find tedious and detest doing are actuallt fun for small kids.

Instead of displacing them, trust them to pack some of their toys. Don’t shoo them away, let them label some boxes. Let them have a say in how their rooms should look like.聽Trust your kids, they may surprise you.2-kids-playing-in-boxes-300x200

3.Take it Easy
The days of college-style moving are over. Beers and pizza while you and your friends are moving your cheap furniture is not the same as moving homes with family.

Your kids will be nervous on the moving day and so will you. Therefore, If you decide to trust a team of amateurs to move your belongings, the results could be ugly.

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