Moving is tough on humans, but is even harder for dogs. They love their home and their special spots in it. A transition to a new place can be rough. Here are the five things to remember to make for a smoother move with your four-legged friends.


1. You
A dog’s life is its owner–you! Dogs don’t care where they are, or what they’re doing, as long as their owner is happy and gives them attention. If you’re stressed and too busy to even look at them, you can expect some problems.

2. Routine
Another big part of making a move easy is to figure out a way to preserve their routine. Dogs are very routine-based, and if you stick to the schedule, it’s going to make things manageable for your pet.Moving-Dog

Stick to walks, meal time, bed time, etc. This will guarantee faster adaptation and your dog might actually understand what the whole household is doing.

3. Familiarize
After you’ve purchased or rented your house, take your dog over there and let it have a walk through the neighborhood.

Allow your dog to meet the new dogs in the area early after your move. This will help your dog feel at home and reduce the risk of running away.

4. Spoil
Treats, longer play time, longer walks and other special treatment can help ease the transition. The more attention it gets in this confusing time, the better for everyone.

5. Love
Talk to and pet your dog during the drive to the new house. It’s these simple acts that can make the difference between a peaceful move for your pup, or your dog being miserable.