Moving in together is a big step! To decide whether or not you are ready to move in with your significant other, you have to consider all of the implications.

Consider the following five factors when making your decision:

#1. Finances

When you decide to move in with your partner, oftentimes, money becomes intertwined in some situations.

Question: Can you handle organizing, saving, sharing and investing money with your partner—in a way that serves both of your interests?

#2. Living Conditions

If you’re a neat freak and your partner is a slob, chances are, cohabitating may be difficult! Assess your preferences when it comes to lifestyles before you take the plunge.

Question: How compatible are you with your partner when it comes to living preferences?

#3. Interests

You may think you have a lot in common with your partner, but moving in together can test these shared interests. Ask yourself:

Am I happier since I met my partner?
Am I able to be myself?
Am I OK with my partner’s quirks, habits, family and friends?
Is my partner OK with my quirks, habits, family and friends?
Do we have similar tastes, views, life goals, opinions?
Do we communicate well?
Do we trust each other?
Do I really know my partner?

#4. Teamwork
Teamwork is crucial to any relationship, but particularly when you’re living together. Do you work well together toward a unified goal? If so, you’ll be snuggling on the coach together after a long house-cleaning session in no time!

Question: Are you a good team?

Young Couple Moving Boxes of Belongings Into New Home

#5. Love?

This one’s a biggie. It may seem obvious, but it’s important to really dig deep and reconfirm your feelings about your partner. If you feel ready to move in with your partner, make sure you know where your heart and mind stand on the love matter. It takes love, understanding and compromise to make it work.

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