Computer-and-office-equipment-in-a-boxAs a business grows and expands, there may come a time to move locations. Moving offices has become a common procedure among successful businesses, but it calls for organization and a reliable moving company!

Moving offices is no small task—especially when you include the actual transportation of all equipment and paperwork. If your business is located in a big city like Chicago, things can become even more complicated.

Here are the things an employer should think about before announcing the big news to staff:

#1. Mobility Clauses
They must be present in every employee’s contract; this enables the company to change workplace without asking for permission. No clause could result in an inconvenience at the least and a lawsuit at the worst.

commercial-relocation#2. Get to Know the Details
Communicate with your employees about their commute/living situation. If the new move would present problems it might be worth considering alternate locations or additional compensation for travel-related expenses. Be prepared that some of your workers might face longer commutes.

#3. Avoid Misunderstandings

Office gossip is a reality. Avoid glares and whispers by announcing the big news well in advance, but after the plans are solidified. At least 30 days notice is appropriate.

It is crucial to make sure the relocation is not putting certain members of youoffice_move_902_x_884r staff at disadvantage. That applies specifically to those with disabilities.

#4. Be Practical
Remember, your employees have their own lives—and have daily errands and obligations. Relocation news might go down easier if the new office is conveniently located near supermarkets, lunch spots, a gym, etc.

#5. Let Your Employees Take an Active Role
This step is optional, however, being interested in the opinion of your employees shows compassion. If it won’t disrupt business, perhaps give them (or at least company management) a say in the move via an online survey. If you take the time to include your workforce in the matter of moving, they will adapt to the change more easily.

Combining these five steps and hiring a professional and reliable moving company, such as H2H Movers, will guarantee a smooth and hassle-free move—plus employee peace of mind.
With help of H2H Movers, the whole move can be performed within a day, getting everyone back to business as soon as possible.