When searching for a moving company, customers are always attracted to the lowest rates. But聽in most cases, it’s聽more sensible to avoid the mind-blowingly low prices and choose a company聽based on the value you’ll recieve for your money.


In addition to fair prices, keep these in mind when choosing a moving company:

Insurance or no insurance?

A cheaper moving provider offers either limited or no insurance, which significantly lowers the end price but heightens the risk of damage, loss or theft.

In this case, cheaper isn鈥檛 always better, because accidents happen.聽Limited insurance covers only certain damages,聽while full insurance covers any and all damage鈥攆rom vehicle accidents, weather trouble, lost items, theft, etc. Full insurance may聽slightly inflate the end price, but it gives a guarantee that your items will be safe.

聽Trained movers or just strong arms?

A cheaper moving provider wouldn鈥檛 spend resources on training staff in advance, or teaching them to handle odd items correctly. Not preparing the moving technicians in advance can start a chain-reaction of other problems.


Choose a聽moving provider that trains its聽movers in advance, before letting them handle聽customers’ valued possessions.

Specialized moving service or simple transportation?

A cheaper moving company wouldn鈥檛 offer many additional services, such as piano removals, antique and fine art moving, storage, furniture assembly, etc. These types of additional聽services can be a crucial part of the moving process.

Choose a moving company that offers these services at fair聽rates, and that knows聽how to combine them to make the moving experience as smooth as it can be.

To sum things up …

When we look at the big picture, it becomes obvious that cheap solutions聽can cost you BIG聽in the long run.
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