When you get a moving quote, do you know what you’ll really be getting? A man with a van or a complete professional moving team, armed with all of the necessities?聽Look closely at your quotes and compare market offerings to聽ensure you’re getting a good value and not just a cheap price.聽Here are a few tips to consider when聽procuring and comparing quotes:

#1 Free聽or obligational?
Some companies offer free quotes; others are obligational.聽A free quote is one based on the pre-estimated weight/volume of your belongings, while obligational involves a聽fixed price. When contacting moving companies, make sure you ask about the type of quote you are receiving and take notes so that you won’t miss an important detail.

#2 Calculate the distanceMoving Ofice in Chicago
One of the most important factors of a move is the distance to your new home. The distance will determine the cost to a certain extent.聽Make sure you ask the moving companies you contact how much they charge per mile. You should pay particular attention to those price鈥攐ftentimes, the聽combination of distance and weight/volume of your belongings will give you the final bill. There are several online tools you can use to calculate the distance of your move鈥攊ncluding聽Google Maps.聽Compare your distance results with the quotes from different companies to see if they match.What-is-a-binding-moving-estimate2

#3 Additional services
In most moving situations,聽you聽won’t聽need to consider charges for additional services. If you’re moving items including聽antiques, art, delicate possessions or musical instruments that require special handling, however,聽you may need to pay additional fees. Keep in mind that packing and storage services from moving companies may聽also involve additional costs, but聽may be a lifesaver in complex moves.

When comparing quotes, take the time to聽do your research and choose the company suitable to your budget and moving needs.聽At聽H2H Movers, we strive to be transparent when it comes to pricing, and you can count on above-and-beyond聽assistance from our professional聽movers.