There are advantages to moving during the winter months. Whether you’re moving during cold months by choice or necessity, the following information can be helpful.
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What are the two biggest advantages for moving during the winter?

The busy season for the moving industry is summer, with a peak in September (thanks to college students). As a result, there are far fewer people looking for moving services in winter. Consequently, companies have the tendency to reduce their prices or offer special promotions. At H2H movers we offer one of the lowest moving prices in the winter!

If you’re going to move in winter without the aid of professionals, here are ten additional things you’ll need to remember:9czEp5aRi

#1 Warmth and light

Make sure the heater in your vehicle is working properly and bring along additional warm clothing and drinks. Since days are shorter during winter, ensure all your lights are working before you take off.

#2 Weather

It’s unadvisable to start your trip if the weather forecast is stormy. Check your local weather report and match your move to a day with a decent forecast.

#3 Prepare for the unexpected

When you’re moving in winter the first thing you need to prepare is your vehicle—particularly for longer-distance moves. Take it in for a tune-up in advance to avoid mechanical issues. In addition to checking the weather, plan a route with a high number of lodging options in case of an unexpected snow storm.

Keep a list of emergency contacts on paper. Phones lose their charge rapidly in the cold. Having your contacts handy on paper is a good backup.

Prepare for unexpected snow/ice by packing a shovel, salt or sand (kitty litter also helps), plus car maintenance tools and tire chains.

Save a few cardboard boxes when it’s time to load up—break them down and lay them down on the ground to form a pathway to and from your car to the house. This will help you avoid slips and keep the floors cleaner as you go in and out of the house. Save the cardboard for use when you unload in your new place.

#4 Drive safely

Driving in winter can be dangerous. Drive slowly and stay constantly alert!

Take the work out of winter moving with help from H2H Movers.  moving by yourself. We’ll help in rain, snow and cold and possess the professionalism to deliver exceptional moving services and create a hassle-free home switch for you and your family!