Each house move give you more experience in聽planning, packing and relocating your entire life. Most of us have undergone several moves, while others聽have less experience. For those who need some advice, we have聽three life-saving tips on聽unpacking to simplify your move.


#1: Designate

If you want to avoid unpacking everything at once and find yourself surrounded by clutter, set aside no more than three聽big boxes as your “open first” boxes. In these three聽boxes, include聽kitchen items, bathroom items and anything else you’ll need immediately in your new home. And don’t forget the toilet paper!

#2:聽Food and cleaning

Be sure that the place you are moving into has undergone a proper cleaning session. It is vital for you and your loved ones to move into a hygienic environment. Taking care of聽unpacking and cleaning simultaneously聽is extremely stressful.

Even though ordering pizza is somewhat a moving tradition, unpacking could last for days. Be sure to put a few cooking essentials in one of the aforementioned “open first” boxes.

blogpost1#3:聽Little touches

Moving can be disorienting. Make your new house feel like home immediately with a special touch. Maybe it’s your favorite piece of are.聽If you are moving with children, bring out something dear to them to remind them that home is where the family is, not a physical location. Unpack one or two of these items first and settle in!

No matter which boxes you choose to open first, your first choice when moving should be H2H Movers. Our goal is to provide you with聽the best moving experience possible鈥攏o matter the circumstances.聽