In the first segment of this guide to office relocation, we touched on some of the logistical aspects of selecting and actually moving into a new property. Due to the technical and specialized nature of certain tasks involved, we recommended soliciting external resources to negotiate the moving process. However, regardless of the nature of your business, the people who most intimately understand the needs and procedures of your company are the ones who deal with them day in and day out: your colleagues and employees! Here are some ways you can utilize your current workplace resources to make changing offices as simple and efficient as possible.

Your first step is to assign a project manager—someone your company can not only trust to see the move and all of its logistics to completion, but who can also afford to either take on the additional tasks themselves or who can delegate their usual projects to another staff member.

The project manager should also have experience setting and working within budgets, and have strong communication skills. If you have an IT department, a senior member should be tasked with annotating your entire hardware configuration so it can be disassembled, packed up, and reassembled in your new office with minimal downtime or adjustments. It helps to photograph wire connections and tape the cables in small plastic bags to their associated terminals during the move. While you do want to retain much of your old protocols, files and storage in your new office, moving gives your company an opportunity to overhaul inefficient or outmoded practices.

Moving Ofice in Chicago


Encourage your departments to digitize records, update software, and push forward other developments that may have been on the backburner. These forward-thinking initiatives not only boost morale and productivity, but also keep your staff apprised of the coming move and the associated forthcoming changes.

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