There are many reasons people choose to move to a different office. Perhaps a lease expires and the rental rate upon renewal increases. Perhaps there is a dire issue with the building or landlord and one or more parties are forced to break the lease early. Perhaps a business is looking to scale up and expand, scale down and contract, or the location just isn鈥檛 quite right. Do any of these sound familiar? Usually there is not simply one reason, but a variety of simultaneous factors that contribute to the decision to relocate an entire workplace. And it is important to identify and consider all these factors when planning your move.

In addition to dealing with existing obligations and liabilities such as your lease, utilities contracts and budgetary restrictions, you must consider the role that your new office space will play in the implementation of your business strategy going forward. Remember when you listed the reasons for your move? The size, location, structural features and amenities of your new office are just some of the ways in which your choice can have huge logistical impacts on your business. Especially when considering growth plans, it is crucial that you get a lease duration that accommodates the trajectory you would like your business to take.

Office moving in chicago

Office moving in chicago

These questions may seem daunting at first, especially since there is no cookie-cutter approach adequately suited to the commercial moving process. This is why you should never approach any of them alone鈥攗tilizing professional services such as property solicitors, accountants and professional moving services can ensure no legal, financial or physical problems come between you and your new office location. At H2H Movers, we pride ourselves on our experience helping move offices in and around the city of Chicago鈥攁nd beyond. Let us help you achieve your business goals.

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