So you鈥檝e found your new office property, signed a lease, and begun the countdown to the big day. What next? Above all, the most crucial step that can completely determine the success of your move is choosing the correct moving service. More specifically, it is important to choose movers with not only a good reputation and reviews, but also ones that have聽extensive experience with commercial clients.

While a household moving service may be technically able to get the job done, it’s much more difficult to get an聽accurate estimate on the price or time it will take for them to move an office. Because time and budgetary quotas must be factored into your moving plan, hiring an ill-equipped moving service can have serious detriments to the profitability of your business in at least the short term. Here are some ways to determine if a moving service is up to snuff.

Ask for references, and look at reviews online. In particular, request references from clients with comparable sized moves. And ask/look for the most recent references, not just any five that could have been cherry-picked or manipulated in some way to make the company look better. If you find that a moving service only moves offices every few months, they are probably more of a residential service that dabbles in commercial work. In that case, keep looking.

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You should also be wary of the credentials and qualifications of the workers. Permanent labor that has passed through a background check is a must, as the opportunity for a breach of protected information goes up tremendously during a move. Not to mention the possibility of theft, vandalism, etc. Even the best movers make mistakes occasionally, however, so it is very important to request their insurance certificate to guarantee that your property is covered during the move. After all, property costs are second only to people costs as most company鈥檚 biggest expenditure.

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