Moving from one house to another is a tedious task, and it takes careful planning聽to accomplish everything well. While it is exciting to finally move into your dream home, you need to get a head start and be organized.

Below are a few moving tips from Simon, owner of H2H Movers, Inc.

Organize early

You need to organize all the items in your home early. Last minute preparations may result in you forgetting a few items. The best way to organize is by preparing a checklist first. In the checklist, list all the items you currently own.

Separate the items that will be packed and taken to the new home from the items that you will send out for recycling or that will be discarded.

Prepare packing containers

You need to have packing cartons, containers and bubble wrap before you plan to move. These will help you store all household items safely during transportation. Wrap聽breakable items in newspapers and bubble wrap. Frozen foods can be placed in coolers to ensure they don鈥檛 go bad during moving.

Label all packing containers

Labeling is an efficient way of knowing which items are stored where. You can create some labels for clothes, kitchenware, food and even toiletries and simply stick them on the respective containers and cartons.

This will be advantageous, especially when you are unpacking in the new house.

Store your valuables well

Jewelry, cash and important documents are some of the valuables that you need to store very well. For jewelry and cash, you can purchase a small cash box. Cash boxes聽feature a lock and key聽to聽offer protection for your valuables. Store your documents聽in a leather satchel and keep it close to you when moving.

Communicate with the movers early

Whether the movers are friends or a company, you need to inform them early about your plans. It’s important to tell them what they can聽expect, especially for the company movers. Information to provide beforehand includes the number of fragile items, the number of heavy items and also the distance to be traveled.


And as always, you can request a free quote or call聽H2H Movers, Inc at 773 236 8797 to schedule your next stress-free move.