Long gone are the days when moving—office or home—had to be a struggle.

Nowadays, with just a click of a button or a simple call, you can have your goods packed, loaded into a truck and ferried to the destination of your choice at a very economical rate.

For many people, the biggest challenge is choosing which company to hire for packing and transportation—there are many options from which to choose.

The best service is one that meets your specific moving requirements. It is important to consider your financial and time limits when choosing between two types of packing services: full-service packing and the specialty-items packing.

Full (Complete) Packing Services

The first type of packing services, the full-service kind, does not require work from you at all—everything is done by the professionals. This kind of service offers the luxury of not having to get involved with even the smaller details of the whole operation.

The moving company will first request you to allow their professional packers to access your venue to assess the job. The main reason for a survey is to identify the equipment, furniture, electronics and other items. Assessment will also help the moving company determine what kind of equipment is needed, and how much manpower will be required for the actual packing and overall moving.

You should always make your moving company aware of any special or delicate equipment that might need special handling. In most cases, a moving company will encourage you to carry with you smaller valuables—such as important documents, jewelry, cash, etc.

Specialty Packing Services

The second type of packing services—specialty—is ideal for people with a few delicate items that require special handling or those with a limited budget. Generally, this type of moving service is used by small businesses. The moving company will only be responsible for moving selected delicate, fragile or large items.

The company’s professional packers will be sent to your premises and identify any delicate property and prepare a quote. Packing and transportation of all other posessions are the responsibility of the owner.

This type of service saves a lot of money, but will also consume more of your time. This can be particularly detrimental for businesses—where time is money.

No matter which service you choose, it’s important to give clear instructions to your moving company and carry an valuable and small personal belongings yourself. And as always, our quotes are free—request a packing quote from H2H Movers, Chicago’s best moving company.