Moving or relocating to a new place may prove to be a tedious and an expensive task–and can even cause you sleepless nights! We have some tips on how to make it easier.

First, start planning early; you can even begin to pack the things you don’t often use as early as two months prior to the move.

A movin To-Do list is also important, as it can help you remember small details that can get lost in the shuffle of moving day. To help things go smoother on the move day, consider hiring professional movers at least one month prior to the move to avoid last-minute let-downs. Before choosing a company, do research on the various companies in your area that offer this service, and make sure you read reviews before making your choice.

After choosing a mover, make sure you review the details of the move at least three times before the actual day, and if you decide to sign a contract, be sure to read the fine print.

Moving can be quite expensive, so be prepared for unexpected costs that may come up. For someone buying a new home, such costs may include the transfer of title, land survey, the filing of documents and settlement fees; rental related costs can include security deposits and move-in fees. To be on the safe side, put aside some money for this purpose.

Moving tips

Moving tips

Another tip is to dispose of or give away any unwanted items to streamline the move. You can even generate additional income from this, thanks to sites like Craigslist and eBay. This can help offset the cost of moving and even reduce the moving charges since you’ll be moving fewer items.

And don’t forget to plan on your own family’s transportation needs during the move—whether that involves plane tickets or a short car trip. Family and friends should also be informed of the move, as a courtesy. Happy moving!