Finding Affordable Movers in ChicagoMoving is exciting, but it can cause a significant hit to your wallet. H2H Movers recommends that you take several steps in order to find affordable moving rates; this includes getting multiple quotes, booking your move in the off season, getting rid off unnecessary household items, and preparing everything for the movers.

Tips for a low price move

First, when scheduling a move, be sure to get an accurate estimate from several licensed and insured moving companies in Chicago.

That way, you’ll have the power to select the best value. Stay away from classified ads in which unlicensed companies may “low ball” your estimate but then ask you to pay double the day of the move. H2H Movers offers low moving prices compared to many companies in Chicago— with a superior value.

Keep in mind that you are obligated to pay 110 percent of your non-binding estimate when the job is completed and anything over that within 30 days. H2H Movers is also a member of the Illinois Movers and Warehousemen’s Association—a group only open to companies without customer complaints.

Another tip for getting the best rate: move in the off season. Moving can be unpredictable, but if your can plan it a few months in advance, it can save you some money.

The definition of “off season” is debatable, however, many moving companies in Chicago change their moving rates during the slower winter months and raise them during the busier summer months. Usually, the months of January through May are ideal for scheduling and getting estimates from local movers in Chicago.

Fewer items mean lower prices

Next, it is important to know that Chicago movers charge per hour.

That said, the less items you have to move, the faster your move, and the lower your bill. Therefore, it’s recommended that you get rid of all unwanted items prior to the move. Garage sales, donations and recylcing programs are all great solutions.

In addition, familiarize yourself with your new location, in particular, the dimensions of your entrance and stairways. This will determine whether or not large furniture items will fit through the entrance.

Find cheap moving supplies

Once you have scheduled your move and disposed of unnecessary items, you can do additional steps to reduce your cost of moving. You can purchase some of your packing materials prior to your move from our office or any home supply store. Our professionals offer packing services, however, if you do it yourself and do it correctly, you can be reduce your moving costs significantly.

You can also save money and time by disassembling and wrapping your furniture. Lastly, you can place your items near the entrance for quick pickup and loading.

No where your move takes you, H2H Movers is here to help with everything!