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H2H Movers Chicago

As one of the leading moving companies in Chicago, IL, H2H Movers provides a full-range of moving services right here in Chicago. Among the most common types of moves with which we help Chicagoans include household, business, governmental and logistical. We are a professional moving company, insured and licensed for all types of moves throughout the state of Illinois. If you are moving to or from a building that requires proof of insurance, have you covered and can provide you with an insurance certificate.

If you鈥檙e moving from one neighborhood or area to another in Chicago, we have the perfect moving option for you: a two-person team plus an H2H truck for a low hourly rate. We also have larger teams available for larger-scale moves such as business, logistics, military and large homes.H2H also services long-distance and interstate moves from Chicago to elsewhere. No matter your final destination, your move will be quick, safe, reliable and professional.

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Why customers choose H2H Movers  

Your smooth move begins today when you choose to request a quote from H2H Movers!

Every Client Matters

We do not try to rush through jobs in order to fit more moves within our schedule. For us every client is important and should be treated with utmost respect. This is evident in the outstanding job that we do, proven by our online reviews.

Flexible Services

We know that each client has different needs, which is why we offer flexibility in our services. You may want our team to carry out the entire move or just a part of it. The price is always adjusted accordingly!

We Go The Extra Mile

Here at H2H Movers we always try to find a solution to your moving needs. If you need a specialized service, we can always cooperate and find a way to execute it. We also offer emergency moves whenever necessary!

Always Efficient

While our professionals always prioritize item safety over speed, efficiency is not sacrificed either. It is all about expertise and proper training. That way we save you time, instead of pointlessly wasting it.

Exceptional Customer Service

We understand that you may have a variety of questions and concerns when it comes to moving. That is why we are always open to hearing you out and giving you our expert advice. All you need to do? Just give us a call!

Care For Your Belongings

We treat each and every move as if it is our own. Our workers know how to take care of your items and will do their best to pack them carefully and safely. With us you can always count that your items will arrive safe and sound!